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DevottAbout UsCompany Introduction
Devott is a global leader in research and advisory of China's outsourcing and technology markets. Since its inception in 2005, Devott has devoted all its research capabilities and advisory capacities on China's outsourcing and pertinent technologies with clear missions: assist China Sourcing to become a true global player; promote the industry so international and domestics sourcing buyers can maximize its values and potentials. Devott is not only the foremost consulting firm in the business but...
DevottKey DifferentiatorsCompany Introduction
[1] Authenticity and Accuracy of Our Data on China’s Market, Industries and Service Providers.
[2] Owns A Unique National Corporate Platform Where Global Buyers Can Work With Governments, Hi-Tech Parks And Corporations Simultaneously. No One Has the Platform Yet.
[3] Possesses Most Comprehensive Partner Network In Public Sectors, Development Parks, Private Corporations and MediaIn China.
[4] Truly Independent And Unbiased To All Companies And All Cities As Devott Has No Own Execution Resources.
[5] Focuses China Sourcing andAPAC Technology MarketsSolely.
[6] Global Management and Elites in Both Technology and Business.
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