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Devott is a global leader in research and advisory of China's outsourcing and technology markets. Since its inception in 2006, Devott has devoted all its research capabilities and advisory capacities to China's outsourcing and pertinent technologies with clear missions: assist China Sourcing to become a true global player; promote the industry so that international and domestics sourcing buyers can maximize their values and potentials. Devott not only acts as the foremost consulting firm in the business but also owns a corporate event platform where the decision makers in the industry from government organizations, hi-tech park authorities to private corporations can equally share, discuss and make decisions of the vertical policies, program regulations and project incentives. Unlike most parts of international markets, China sourcing is moderated by the aforementioned three types of managing bodies. The unique value of Devott is that its business platform builds an effective and risk-free connection between global sourcing buyers and the three stakeholders simultaneously and seamlessly, which leads to simpler procurement procedures, lower contract costs and higher returns over investments.

Devott is headquartered in China and operated in more than six cities in China, US and EU. Up to now, Devott provides its services of research, consulting and events to 2,428 Chinese outsourcing companies, 4,186 international companies and 1,388 overseas outsourcers who are registered clients of, online portal of China's service outsourcing industry operated by Devott. Our members are from 26 countries (including China) and 30 provinces in China. Besides, Devott enjoys most extensive government partnership network in China. 42 cities from Tier One to Tier Two regions and 153 outsourcing focused Hi-Tech parks are our regular customers.

Vision: China Outsourcing in One Platform
Mission: Promote and Maximize Values of China Outsourcing and Technology Markets
Philosophy: Competence from Practices; Insights from Experience
Values: Expertise from Accuracy and Analysis