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DevottExecutive Team

Lingnian Qu, Chairman of Devott Co., Ltd. / President of China's Information Technology Services and Outsourcing Industry Alliance

Graduated from Tianjin University Electrical Engineering Department in December 1981
Lingnian Qu, Director of Beijing Association of Sourcing Service, Senior Advisor of CCIIP, Adviser of CSA of CSIP, Property Advisor of Tianjin Economic-Technological Development Area.

As a senior executive with years of management experience, Lingnian Qu is an expert in Human Resource Management, Financial planning and public relations Development. Once the vice-chairman of Beijing Software Industry Promotion Center as well as the chief representative of the Sino-India Cooperative Office, he has a deep understanding of the Sino-India software outsourcing and he greatly promotes the development of the software outsourcing cooperation between China and India.

He once was the Chief Minister of the NEC General Management Department, also the Deputy General Manager of the IBM Tianjin joint venture, and he was responsible for company planning, financing, marketing, HR Management and Public Relations.

Haitao Qi, CEO of Devott Co., Ltd. & / Ambassador of IAOP

Haitao Qi has over 12 years of experience in service outsourcing industry both domestic and abroad. In the outsourcing industry, he is known as an expert with deep understanding and abundant practical experience. Prior to Devott he managed software and software outsourcing business in a listed IT company, working as a vice-president. Then he became a vice president & CEO in China in a large American outsourcing company, managing the offshore BPO business. Now he is the CEO of Devott Co., Ltd. &


  • Co-Founder of Outsourcing International Operating Protocol (OIOP)
  • Vice Chairman of the Management Center of National Service Outsourcing
  • Deputy Director of the National Service Outsourcing Skills Examination Committee
  • Expert member of the China Association of Trade in Services Committee
  • Expert member in service outsourcing of Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China
  • Expert member of Standards for Software and Information Service Outsourcing Talents Training Committee of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology
  • Chief expert of the Selection Committee of "TOPs – China's Service Outsourcing Industry Best Practice Selection Series"
  • Associate editor of the Service Outsourcing Tutorial (published by China Commerce and Trade Press and it is the first outsourcing book in China); Editor-in-chief of the Service Outsourcing English; Presenter of the Service Outsourcing Theory and Practice of Ministry of the People's Republic of China Department of Human Resources'
  • Influential Man of the Year of China Software and Information Service Outsourcing Industry Alliance in 2011
  • Lecturer of "Service Outsourcing Theory and Practice" of Department of Human Resources, Ministry of Commerce
  • Part-time professor in Weifang Software and Service Outsourcing Department

Having rich experience in service outsourcing industry for many years both domestic and abroad and an expert in ITO, BPO and KPO, Haitao Qi is familiar with overseas market and domestic enterprises. He has participated in many drafting work for the regional service outsourcing industrial development plan.

Oliver Zhao, Vice President of Devott Co., Ltd.&

Oliver Zhao is the Vice President of Devott Co., Ltd. &, in charge of the operation and research domestic as well as the president of Devott Research Institute.

He has years of experience abroad, from a background of once working in Italy and New Zealand, having rich industry knowledge and practical experience in Strategic Management and Human Resources. He helps the C level executives complete lots of strategic assessment, and help them choose the best service deliver pattern and purchasing strategies. He is an expert in financial services, manufacturing, telecommunications and travel / transportation.

As a pioneer that promotes the cooperation with the government to develop strategies for the outsourcing market and industry development, he has rich experience in cooperation with government and public sectors. He leads many planned project of outsourcing strategy for the national high-tech zone, such as Tianjin Hedong District, Suzhou Software Park, Xi'an Software Park, Huaqiao International Service Business Park and so on.

Sherry Sha,Deputy Director of Devott Research Institute / Advisory Director of Devott Co., Ltd.

Sherry Sha is the Deputy Director of Devott Research Institute/ Advisory Director of Devott Co. Ltd., in charge of industry research and consulting with original view toward global outsourcing industry especially for the outsourcing market in China.


  • Associate Editor of Service Outsourcing English Course, published by Tsinghua University Press
  • Main writer of China's Service Outsourcing Parks Competitive Analysis Report
  • Main writer of Ten Forecasts and Suggestions for China’s Outsourcing Industry ( from 2009-2011)
  • Main writer of China Software and Information Service Outsourcing Industry Research Report Series
  • Main writer of Service in the Cloud-- White Paper for Cloud Outsourcing Conception
  • Chief Editor of China E-business Industry White Paper in 2011
  • Editor of The Path for China Service Outsourcing Industry Upgrade from Low-end to high-end
  • General superintendent of Devott TOP Series Evaluation

Sherry Sha is skilled in strategic planning, business planning, marketing development at home and abroad with rich marketing analysis ability, strategy-making and implementation ability, and team management ability. She once led many strategic planning consulting projects for parks and enterprises.

Stephan S. Sunn, Executive Vice President

Stephan is Executive Vice President and in charge of global accounts, marketing, sales and customer support. Educated in US, Stephan started his professional career in advanced research in national research institutions, then took roles of strategic consultants, sales advisor and global management in leading market research firms, technology corporations and influential sourcing advisory firms. Throughout his twenty year professional career, he serviced Yale Applied Science Council, Advanced Meso-scale Research Institute in Carnegie Mellon University, US Dept. of Energy LLNL, Management Sciences Associates (MSA), Anderson Consulting (PwC Consulting later), Neusoft and Gartner. He publishes extensively for his clients and his firms on the topics of globalization, sourcing and technology innovations. He received his B.S degree from University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) in China and his M.S and Ph.D from Yale University in USA.

Kanth Krishnan, Global Executive

Kanth has over-24-year-experiences in the full lifecycle management of enterprise software technology solutions with expertise in the areas of enabling supply chains and Enterprise Resource Planning. Kanth also worked at SAP from 1995 to late 1999, where he was an integral part of the SAP APO team that supported global customers in different industry segments. He was instrumental in enabling SAP to develop and bring to market APO, a new Supply Chain Management solution in 1998. A key member of the core competency center for APO, Kanth has worked with a number of SAP customers including Intel, Becton Dickinson, Coca-Cola, Schindler Elevators, Union Carbide and Avnet in their APO roll-outs. He lives in Silicon Valley, and manages his teams in India, South America and US.

JacekBrezski, Executive Director of EU Operations

JacekBrzeski has over fifteen years of experience in implementing world class manufacturing programs for companies in the automotive, electronics, food, telecommunications, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and construction industries. During his career he has conducted several hundred improvement workshops and training classes. He has also developed training programs in TPM, SMED, 5S, Kaizen, Value Stream Mapping, DMAIC and others. His clients include global industrial giants in European Unions. He has been an industrial consultant for US based international corporations.

Xiaolong Kong, Vice President

Mr.Kong has many years of experience in resource planning, strategic consulting, project design, marketing and operational management in the areas of cultural industry, real estate, tourism, advertising and business services. He also engages in researches and practices on industrial parks, platforms, business operation and regional resource planning.

Board Members:

Guo Xin, Director of Devott Co., Ltd. / President of Devott Research Institute

Xin Guo has over 30 years of experience in management, and he once in charge of Business Development, Management Consulting and Operation Management in many leading multinational companies. He has a deep understanding of the current situation of Chinese enterprises and market, and he is also an expert in enterprise development strategies and management consulting. He once led over 200 consulting projects, covering IT, telecommunications, finance, insurance, medical industry, automotive industry, chained operation, logistics and public consumption.

Xin Guo once the president of IDC China, in charge of overall operation and business development, now he is the Chinaman of CLINA,as well as the Director of Devott Consulting.

Prior to IDC, Xin Guo acted as Executive Director as well as General Manager, in charge of carrying out strategies for the company, managing the consulting groups, providing high quality business and management consulting service for enterprises both domestic and abroad.

Xin Guo is a member of AmCham China,American Management Association, American Marketing Association and ESOMAR. In 1998, he joined the job establishing China Market Research Association, and now the association had formally registered.

Xin Guo had completed the short-term manager courses in Harvard Business School and he owned a Master's Degree of Sociology and Applied Linguistics from Beijing Foreign Studies University.

Chen Ju, Senior Adviser of Devott Co., Ltd.

Ju Chen has rich experience on domestic Park Operation, and he experiences the emergence of China’ first stage of the service outsourcing parks. When he was working in the software parks, he founded the software development department which laid the foundation of the software park industrial services. When he was in Shanghai, he established the first software export association. Back to Beijing, he founded software export association in Beijing, building a service platform for export, and led many companies to foreign countries which greatly promoted the communication on information service industry between China and the world. At the same time, he built a good relationship with the authorities. From the year 2007, he worked for the Commercial Bureau and Investment Promotion Bureau to add a parallel sub-forum about information service to the Beijing-HK Negotiation Conference and the Japan-South Korean trade and investment negotiation meeting, which returned beneficially. He organized companies to pay a visit to the north of Europe for many times, and had built a firm cooperation relation with Finland. When he worked as a senior advisor of Shenyang International Software Park, he pointed the development location of the Park and established the service system. He established China’s first informatization & indoctrination enterprises association and it greatly promoted the development of Shenyang informatization and indoctrination progress, making it the driving force for the Shenyang software and information industry.


  • Deputy General Manager of Shanghai Pudong Software Park from 1999-2002
  • Senior Advisor of ZPark from 2002-2011
  • Senior Advisor of Shenyang International Software Park from 2009-now
  • Expert member of CSIP from 2009-now