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The history of Devott could be traced back to almost 20 years ago, while the six founders of the company were in the university and became good friends. In the following years, they knew that there would be an opportunity for them to create their own kingdom of business in the world. The day finally came up in the autumn of 2006 - when the Ministry of Commerce of China released the 1000-100-10 project to encourage the development of service outsourcing industry.That is how the Chnsourcing website ( and Devott Co., Ltd. were established.

Why did they choose to be the industry service institute rather than an outsourcing provider which supposed to be a much easier way since all of them have accumulated enough commercial and industrial experiences and resources for years? The only reason is that they have found an industry chain vacancy to complete - the intermediary and third party service provider for the whole outsourcing industry. In order to enhance the competitiveness of China's outsourcing service providers in the global market, we could see Devott and what we do today.

With 9-year growth, Devott is now the elite in outsourcing field by consistent integration of Chinese industrial resources and progressive infiltration in International market. We have established a global service system and team.


  • 03-21-2007 – Company was established in TEDA of Binhai New Area and launched portal website Chnsourcing ( )
  • 09-10-2007 – Listed in Report on Development of China's Outsourcing for 2007 as the only portal website and one of the five industry service institutes in China
  • 03-08-2008 – launched TOPs Series officially
  • 12-02-2009 – published "Report on TOP10 Forecast"
  • 11-02-2010 – released "Report on Competitiveness for China Outsourcing Parks" and launched "Pyramid Model" and "4-Dimensional Space Model
  • 03-28-2012 –established strategic partnership with Magazine "China Sourcing".
  • 03-21-2012 –2012 Annual Meeting & Awards Ceremony of China Outsourcing Leader was held in Tianjin