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As an international consulting company, with the back support of its internationalized and professional research & consulting team as well as the strong industry database, Devott does in-depth researches on the global and China outsourcing industry, and publishes multiple research reports regularly; reflect the industry development trend and company movements, Devott offers the first-hand information and analysis result for the outsourcing industry in China.

Devott's service outsourcing researches start from "foresee opportunity"; set basis on the development trend of the global outsourcing industry; combine with the practice and status quo of China outsourcing industry; and has established its core capability in the researches areas include industry trend, best practice, company study, comparative advantages, differentiated development and so on.

Devott's research theory is "Research guides consulting, Practice creates truth". Up until now, Devott has established four research series brand, they are "Tops Series Selection White Paper", "Ten Series Report", "Devott Insights" and "Devott In-depth Researches".

  • "Tops Series Selection White Paper" is an annual research report series based on TOPs series selection launched by Devott, mainly includes TOP50 Service Outsourcing Players in China White Paper, Top 10 Service Outsourcing Parks in China, White Paper, Top 20 Service Outsourcing MNCs in China White Paper and TOP20 BPO Players in China White Paper.
  • "Ten Series Report" is composed of Yearly Events Hotlist on China's Service Outsourcing Industry, Yearly Figures Hotlist for China's service Outsourcing Industry, Forecasts and Suggestions on China Service Outsourcing Industry.
  • "Devott Insights" is a weekly research article, which represents the latest research results of major events and new trends of the industry and so on.
  • "Devott In-depth Researches" is an irregularly study report based on its deep understanding of service outsourcing industry and Chinese players. Up until now, Devott has published Research Report on the Coming Era of Government Outsourcing, Service on Clouds – Cloud Powered Outsourcing Concept White Book, White Book on the Competitiveness of China Service Outsourcing Park, The White Book on China E-Commerce Outsourcing Industry 2011, Focusing on China, the Upgrading Strategy and Path of China Service Outsourcing Industry, White Book on the Development of China Legal Process Outsourcing Industry 2012 and White Book on Platform Enterprise for China Service Outsourcing Industry etc.