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DevottDevott Models


OIOP ™ is a benchmark on the operation of services outsourcing cities and park jointly launched by Devott and ISG, provides Chinese service outsourcing cities and parks five major modules solution of competitiveness assessment, best practice, strategy planning, capacity improving as well as implementation and optimization, which is committed to the comprehensive improvement of China's service outsourcing industry.

Through online assessment, to provide cities and parks standard evaluation report as well as customized report including operation diagnostics, strategic assessment and competitive analysis etc.

Top management consulting solutions for China service outsourcing cities and parks based on its in-depth research on the operation and management experience of leading domestic and foreign service outsourcing parks.

Making strategy of competitiveness improving and developing from positioning, marketing, branding to operating and other aspects.

Providing training services for cities, parks and enterprises on the improvement of abilities on investment inviting, operating, service level and marketing etc.

Solution on the implementation of the development strategy and the improvement of operation ability and competitiveness of cities and parks, includes branding, investment inviting and other major modules.

5 Force Model

Operation Force: the overall operation capability evaluation of enterprises including service outsourcing business income , employees number, business profit rate, per capita income etc.

Growth Force: assessment of the enterprises growth, which in our mind is the most important indicator to evaluate the service outsourcing enterprises for this emerging industry in China, including: income growth rate; Personnel growth rate; Per capita income growth rate; Profit margin growth rate and the compound growth rate of income, personnel and the per capita income etc.

Specialty Force: to evaluate the professional ability of enterprise in the field which the enterprises engaged in, including: the main business and market share; relevant international and domestic certification levels and number; the number of patent, products and copyright, enterprise personnel structure etc.

Development Force: to evaluate the development potential of the enterprise, including: registered capital; financial situation; listed and financing operation situation; branch number; number and growth of internationalized talents; market distribution; business structure and the core management team etc.

Innovation Force: the innovation ability on technology, market, business model, process, service and so on, including: process innovation; technological innovation; service innovation; project services best practices; management innovation and business model innovation etc.

IESO Model

  • Industry Competition Chain: industry aggregation, to form a regional leading service and industry through the growth and foster of leading enterprise, and thus to aggregate relevant industry factor to complete the whole industry chain, including outsourcing service dimension and vertical industry dimension.
  • Elements Competition Chain: the unique features of service outsourcing industry require special elements of facilities, personnel, market, financing, cost and environment etc. which composed of the Elements Competition Chain. Service outsourcing park is not only an industrial district, but a comprehensive industry environment that can support the real modern service industry. Thus it is necessary to
  • establish a city taking service outsourcing industry ecology system as the core.
  • Service Competition Chain: the development of service outsourcing industry lies not only in the development of contractors and service providers on the two ends of the industry chain, but also needs intermediary service organizations like consulting, research, training, certification etc.; public service platform like e-transaction platform, network service platform as well as government and other related industrial participants. The mature degree of these elements directly influence the overall development of service outsourcing park.
  • Operation Competition Chain: the core competitiveness of service outsourcing park finally reflected in the industry development capability, that is the system construction ability of service outsourcing industry. How to promote industrial structure ability through the systematic construction and industrial development capability finally depends on the Operation Competition Chain.