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DevottDevott Theories

3.0 Era of China Outsourcing Industry

1.0 Era: the primary development stage of the whole industry. Based on the basic IT technology framework, there is a relatively loose services procurement relationship between both sides. The whole industry and market present an obvious cost oriented development mode, service execution and delivery transfers from onshore and nearshore to lower-cost offshore constantly.

2.0 Era: The overall industry begins to return to its nature, showing a clear value driving growth path, the loose services procurement relationship gradually rise to a win-win strategic partnership, and the outsourcing service delivery model also upgrade from the traditional single orientation delivery of onshore or offshore to the global delivery model. 2.0 Era is the value oriented development path, promoting the upgrading of service outsourcing enterprises as well as transferring to a more compact, interests bind strategy partner relationship.

3.0 Era: under the wave of Cloud Computing, 3.0 Era is the fast upgrading stage taking CCES ( Cloud Computing Enabled Service ) as the core and driven by the Cloud-powered Outsourcing based on the "Cloud" Platform and "Cloud" Model. With the promotion of CCES mode, the global service outsourcing industry will "vanish" rapidly after a booming tide in 3.0 Era, return to its essence --- a widespread and application business model to enhance resource integration and collaborative development and thus to promote economy's unification, systematic and coordinated development.

Cloud-powered Outsourcing

Cloud-powered Outsourcing: is nothing but outsourcing service based on information technology in 3.0 Era. Cloud-powered Outsourcing is a kind of service outsourcing with very low cost, which is visible and tangible. According to Devott thought to define "Cloud-powered Outsourcing", which is just outsourcing service bases on "Cloud" Platform, "Cloud" Model, and "Cloud" Concept.

E-Commerce outsourcing

E-Commerce outsourcing: broadly speaking, it refers to a series of whole or partial outsourcing service including e-commerce platform construction, technical maintenance, logistics, business promotion, customer contact and service, after sale service offered by outsourcing providers according to the requirements of E-commerce companies; from the narrow view, the logistics aforementioned, like the third payment, is generally regarded as an independent industry and does not brought into e-commerce outsourcing industry chain.

Legal Process Outsourcing

Legal Process Outsourcing: a new legal services model. According to the needs of their own development, the law firms, enterprises or government and other agencies, based on information and network technology stripe out all or part of its legal service functions and related functions, and entrust to external professional services through computer operation and use modern communication means to delivery, so as to reduce the cost and legal risks, improve the scientificdecision-making and enhance their market competitiveness.