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DevottBy Objective

  • Reliable Data on China's Market and Sourcing Providers
  • Potential& Survivabilityof Product or Service – CPM Advisory
  • Risk Factors and Value Drivers of Market Entry & Sourcing Strategies
  • Selection and Governance of Capable Vendors and Matching Partners
  • Customized Consultation of Marketing, Sales and Management Strategies
  • Diagnostics and Improvement of Existed Operations & Systems
  • Gain Capabilities and Expand Services with Local Characteristics – Data Based ROI
  • Sourcing Benchmarking and Governance with Quality Assurance and Cost Control
  • Advanced Global Sourcing Tactics – ITO, BPO, KPO, HRO or FSO
  • Partnership Oriented Relationship Development – SRM Tactics
  • Business Portfolio Assessment and Negotiations – M&A
  • Managements of Receivable and Payable Accounts
  • Training and Talent Recruitment of Global Operations
  • Advisory & Assistance of Regulations and Compliances
  • Project Recovery and Exit Strategies with Minimum Loss
  • Public Relationships with Financial Objective