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DevottTOPs Series Introduction

TOPs series (Chnsourcing-Best Practice Selection for China Service Outsourcing Industry) is a professional research program for Chinese service outsourcing industry co-raised by Devott Research Institute and Chnsourcing ( Adhering to "Fairness, Justice and Openness", TOPs series, with its years of exploration and accumulation, has turned into the most influential and credible selection program of China with its scientific selection system and procedure since it launched in 2007. Meanwhile, it provides global outsourcers with vital reference and benchmark whenlooking for Chinese service providers to make the investment in China.

The selection program reflects Chinese service outsourcing at length thatranges from industry factors including cities, parks, companies, training institutes, figures and eventsto industries and sectors such as financial outsourcing, call center, pharmaceuticals, etc. The program includes:

Investment Attractiveness Assessment on Chinese Service Outsourcing Cities,


  • Wide geographic range covered: all the industrial factors including cities, parks, companies, training institutes, figures and events throughout China and the world are qualified to participate in this program.
  • Extensiveindustrial influence: As one of the most influential selection programs within the industry, ithas become the benchmark for Chinese outsourcing industry with its greatest influence, participation and creditability since launched in 2007.
  • Wide range of fields: unlikely to those very specific selection programs we often see in China, numerous vertical industries (finance, e-commerce, telecommunication, pharmaceuticals, etc.) and horizontal businesses (call center, data processing, software development, IT services, HR outsourcing, supply chain management, legal process outsourcing, animation, etc.)are involved in this TOPs series program.
  • Distinctive selection system: all the selections regard proprietary researched models by Devott as the criteria including Five-Force Model for Evaluation of Company's Competitiveness, Pyramid Model,OIOP™ and 4-Dimensional Model for Park Competitiveness Evaluation.