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DevottInvestment Attractiveness Assessment on Chinese Service Outsourcing Cities

1. About

"Investment Attractiveness Assessment of Outsourcing Cities in China" is the only professional evaluation program in all Chinese cities competing in service outsourcing industry. It fills the gap of the industry research and makes up the relationship and interaction between cities and the industry.

Launched in May 2012, the program has been widely followed and welcomed by local governments, industrial organizations and institutions. Aiming at homogenized competition and industrial practice, the research raised its unique assessment model on the investment attractiveness of Chinese service outsourcing cities. Meanwhile, it offers important reference and data support for outsourcing city development, industrial development researches, and selection of investment location and outsourcing destination, etc.

2. Evaluation Criteria

By combining objective and subjective evaluation methods and using OIOP that Devott and ISG created jointly as the core, we organize and compile all the material of city candidates and let the team of evaluation and expert committee to do scientific and professional evaluation to get an objective score for each city. Moreover, through the investigation of global buyers and international as well as domestic outsourcing companies and evaluation that experts team make on the surveys of "investment attractiveness" and "satisfaction about investment", we can get a subjective score for each city. Expert team will put different weights of each parameter for different rankings and calculate the total scores to get the final list of 3 rankings.

Outsourcing International Operation Protocol is a high operational standard for first-class international cities. It consists of four parameters that are used for evaluation—industry chain, element, service, and operation.

About OIOP™

Outsourcing International Operation Protocol™ (OIOP™) is a consulting service co-launched by TPI and Devott that provides Chinese outsourcing parks with solutions revolving around competitiveness evaluation, best practice, strategy formulation, capability enhancement and implementation and continuous improvement in order to enhance Chinese service outsourcing industry.

  • Competitiveness Assessment: an online self-assessment system to provide parks with standardized evaluation report as well as formulated non-standardized report including operating diagnosis, strategic evaluation and competitive analysis.
  • Best Practice: a consulting service based on thorough study on best practice cases of world-class outsourcing parks to provide Chinese parks with benchmarking solutions.
  • Strategy Formulation: to help outsourcing parks formulate overall strategy on development positioning, marketing strategy, brand strategy and operating strategy.
  • Capability Enhancement: a consulting service including a variety of training programs on investment capability, park's operational capability and SP.
  • Implementation & Continuous Improvement: improvement work on park's competitiveness and strategy implementation, which including brand promotion, investment attraction, etc.

Service Outsourcing International Operation Protocol
Major Index
Industry Scale& Industry Agglomeration Number of companies、number of leading companies、revenue from service outsourcing, revenue from off-shore outsourcing
Element Cost Salary, office rent, tax rate etc.
Professionals Outsourcing employees, college graduates, training institutes, demission rate
Traffic International and domestic flights, railways, highways etc.
Infrastructure Infrastructure investment, available office area, internet, electricity, natural calamities
Financing Amount of raised capital, methods of raising capital
Quality of life Housing price, rent, education institute, health care, hotel, entertainment etc.
Government support Industry policy, supporting fund etc.
Service Professional service Service organizations、research institutes, associations, public platforms, events
Operation Operational support Company registration, move-in, operation etc.
IP/DP protection IP/DP policy, authorities, training, arbitration, reward and punishment etc.
Strategy, marketing and management Plan, supporting measures, marketing, investment attraction etc.

3. List of "2013 Investment Attractiveness Assessment of Outsourcing Cities in China" & Two Sub-Lists

2013 Top 10 Investment Attractiveness Assessment of Outsourcing Cities in China
Ranking Cities
1 Hangzhou
2 Guangzhou
3 Chengdu
4 Beijing
5 Nanjing
6 Shanghai
7 Suzhou
8 Wuxi
9 Jinan
10 Dalian
2013 TOP 10 Outsourcing Cities of Industry Growth in China
Ranking Cities
1 Hefei
2 Qingdao
3 Tianjin
4 Changchun
5 Xiamen
6 Harbin
7 Chongqing
8 Changsha
9 Wuxi
10 Ningbo
2013 TOP 10 Outsourcing Cities of Investor Satisfaction in China
Ranking Cities
1 Nanjing
2 Chengdu
3 Xi'an
4 Hefei
5 Suzhou
6 Wuhan
7 Chongqing
8 Luoyang
9 Dalian
10 Changchun


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