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DevottTop 10 Forecasts and Suggestions on Service Outsourcing Industry in China

1. About

After the financial crisis, the service outsourcing industry in China has made many achievements but faced challenges as well. On the one hand, the industry grows steadily, while on the other hand, enterprises in the industry have average perform in enterprise scale, delivery ability, international brands etc. Other developing barriers like homogeneous competition, capital chain ruptures, shortage of talents and rising cost still exist.

Therefore, under the guidance of the 12th Five-year Plan, Devott, in light of the status quo of the service outsourcing industry, proposed the 10 forecasts and suggestions from perspectives of the industry, parks, enterprises and contractors in the hope that they can be of references for their development and unite the whole industry for greater development and upgrade.

2. List of 2013 Top 10 Forecasts and Suggestions on the Service Outsourcing Industry in China

2013 TOP 10 Forecasts on the Service Outsourcing Industry in China
Both Onshore and Offshore Service Outsourcing Markets will Shrink and the Price War will be Increasingly Fierce
Investing Foreign Enterprises and Projects will be a Hot Trend, China's Service Outsourcing Enterprises will Carry out the "Going Global" Strategy
The Developing Mode of the Service Outsourcing Industry in China will Change
Investment and Acquisition in the Service Outsourcing Industry will Still be in Full Swing. Conflicts and Problems will Gradually Arise.
The Core Value of the Service Outsourcing Industry will be Achieved by Supporting Innovation rather than Reducing Cost
Small is Beautiful - Service Outsourcing Enterprises will Develop in a Professional Way
The Cloud Technology Brings about New Delivery Systems and Business Modes
Big Date will be Widely Applied in the Service Outsourcing Market
BPO Service will Increase more Dramatically and the First Enterprises with BPO ServiceĀ  as the Main Business Area are Expected to Go Public
Preferential Policies for the Service Outsourcing will Continue
2013 Suggestions for Service Outsourcing Enterprises in China
Added Value comes from Creating Values rather than Squeezing Cost
New Profit Points comes from Unveiling Hidden Profit Points rather than Price War
Develop Core Competence by focusing on Existing Core Competences rather than Relying on External Environment
Service Outsourcing Enterprises should Speed up forming a Larger Scale and Upstream Service Capability to Forge Bigger International Voice
Strengthen Risk Resisting Capability of Service Outsourcing Enterprises

2013 Suggestions for Governments in China
Adjust Supporting Policies According to Industrial Developing Core Factors to Transform the Current Policy-oriented Industry into a Market-oriented one
Transform Developing Ideas of Service Outsourcing Cities and Parks. Upgrade the Industry by "Operating" It
Promote Domestic Service Outsourcing Market by "Platforms + Policies"
Promote the Service Outsourcing Industry with People, Data and Platform as the Key Factors
Build a Mature Financial System for Regional Service Outsourcing under the Guidance of Government


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