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DevottTOP 10 Outsourcing Parks in China

1. About

The selection on "TOP 10 Outsourcing Parks in China" (TOP10) is a researching program on Chinese service outsourcing industry raised by Devott Co., Ltd. Adhering to "fairness, impartiality and openness", the program, with its years of exploration and accumulation, has become one of the most important references and benchmarks for global outsourcers when searching Chinese service providers to make investments in China since it was launched in 2008. As the only selection program on outsourcing park in China, it has been successfully held for 6 years and received a wide range of recognition and praise globally.

The TOP 10 parks are finally selected according to the "Pyramid Model" as the primary criteria (used to appraise an outsourcing park's comprehensive competitiveness including endowment, industry, environment, policies, services and investment that provides foreign outsourcers with authoritative reference), and supported by OIOP™ and "IESO Model" so as to rate the comprehensive competitiveness of Chinese service outsourcing parks.

TOP10 is launched every year and the final list is unveiled in the Annual Devott Global IT & Sourcing Leadership Summit in March of the consequent year.

TOP 50 is launched every year and the final list is unveiled in the Annual Devott Global IT & Sourcing Leadership Summit in March of the consequent year.

2. Evaluation Models:

Pyramid Model for Park Competitiveness Evaluation

The essential factor to measure the competitiveness of a service outsourcing park is the capability to facilitate local service outsourcing industry, which originated from inherent endowment, industrial policies and status. The company service and investment attractiveness indicate the improvement of the industry. In another word, the industrial development is the fundamental indicator of the core competitiveness of outsourcing parks.

  • Endowment Competitiveness refers to the macro environment of a city that an outsourcing park located in, which includes regional competitiveness, urban competitiveness and infrastructure competitiveness.
  • Environment Competitiveness refers to essential factors that impacts greatly on the industry aiming at industrial features and requirements, which including talent, cost, market, park's environment.
  • Political competitiveness contains 2 aspects: The competitiveness of absolute value, and competitiveness of comparative value.
  • Service competitiveness refers to the capabilities of enterprise cultivation, of which the competitiveness includes cultivation, R&D and service.
  • Service competitiveness refers to the capabilities of enterprise cultivation, of which the competitiveness includes cultivation, R&D and service.
  • Industrial competitiveness refers to the maturity of local service outsourcing, which includes output, size, and leadership.


Outsourcing International Operation Protocol™ (OIOP™) is a consulting service co-launched by TPI and Devott that provides Chinese outsourcing parks with solutions revolving around competitiveness evaluation, best practice, strategy formulation, capability enhancement and implementation and continuous improvement in order to enhance Chinese service outsourcing industry.

  • Competitiveness Assessment: an online self-assessment system to provide parks with standardized evaluation report as well as formulated non-standardized report including operating diagnosis, strategic evaluation and competitive analysis.
  • Best Practice: a consulting service based on thorough study on best practice cases of world-class outsourcing parks to provide Chinese parks with benchmarking solutions.
  • Strategy Formulation: to help outsourcing parks formulate overall strategy on development positioning, marketing strategy, brand strategy and operating strategy.
  • Capability Enhancement: a consulting service including a variety of training programs on investment capability, park's operational capability and SP.
  • Implementation & Continuous Improvement: improvement work on park's competitiveness and strategy implementation, which including brand promotion, investment attraction, etc.

IESO Model

  • Industrial Competition Chain: refers to a dominant serving and main industry formed by growing leading companies clustering in a specific region. The leading companies promote the relevant industrial factors both vertically and horizontally to get clustered to extend the industrial chain and thereby to establish a completed industrial chain.
  • Element Competition Chain: the particularity in service outsourcing – facilities, talents, market, financing, cost and environment constitute the essential factor of factor competitiveness chain of outsourcing parks.
  • Service Competition Chain: the outsourcing development for a park develops to depend not only on outsourcers and service providers, but also includes service institutes, e-trading platform, network service platform, and relevant industrial factors and practitioners. The more mature these factors are, the higher development level the outsourcing park is.
  • Operation Competition Chain: industrial development force reflects the core competencies of an outsourcing park.

3. Evaluation Criteria

Using "Pyramid Model" as core evaluation system and Outsourcing International Operation Protocol (OIOP™) and "Four-Dimension Model" as supporting evaluation systems, TOP 10 combines the characteristics and the practical experiences of industrial development in China to evaluate comprehensive strength of the outsourcing parks in china from the point of view of global outsourcing buyers and vendors. "Pyramid Model", originally created by Devott, consists of six parameters -- endowment, industry, environment, policy, service and investment. The major criteria include economy of the city, foundation of service outsourcing industry, scale of outsourcing industry of the park, number of outsourcing companies, number of outsourcing employees, training capability for outsourcing professionals, operational cost of the park, government support, tax benefits, positioning of the park, investment in marketing of the park, capability to attract investment etc. TOP10, made under strict evaluation procedure, fully reflects the overall strength and competiveness of each park. It is a great reference for outsourcing buyers and companies which intend to invest in parks.

Evaluation System for Comprehensive Competitiveness of Outsourcing Parks in China
Tertiary parameter
Endowment Region Markets、professionals、costs etc.
City GDP of the city、Tertiary sector、city image etc.
Infrastructure Financial institution, hotels, service companies, training institutes, health care etc.
Industry Output Industry scale、industry growth rate、industry structure、industry profile etc.
Scale Number of outsourcing companies in the park, number of authorized companies, number of outsourcing employees etc.
Leading power Leading companies, multinational companies
Environment Talent College, IT and foreign language graduates, professional training institute, number of new professionals every year etc.
Office rent, tax, labor cost, telecommunication cost, energy cost etc.
GDP of surrounding cities, surrounding outsourcing parks etc.
Park's facilities Area of the park、infrastructure of the park
Policy Absolute
Funding support, tax benefit, subsidy, intellectual property right etc.
Operation cost, measures to attract companies, measures to attract and train professionals
Service Internal Growth Local companies etc.
R&D Research institute, patent etc.
Service system, public service platform, service organization
Investment Plan Industry position、development plan
Brand Brand, marketing system, marketing cost etc.
Number of new companies every year, system for attracting investments, team for attracting investments etc.

4. List of "2013 TOP 10 Outsourcing Parks in China"

2013 TOP 10 Outsourcing Parks in China
Ranking Enterprise Name
1 Chengdu Tianfu Software Park
2 Shanghai Pudong Software Park
3 Zhongguancun Software Park
4 Xi'an Software Park
5 Qilu Soft Park
6 Shenyang International Software Park
7 China(Nanjing) Software Valley
8 Changshu New & Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone
9 Wuxi Mashan National Life Science Park
10 Tianjin Binhai Service Outsourcing Industrial Park


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